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a leadership JOURNEY


by Mark bragg and martin west


Hard Road is a fictional account of a young Executive, Christian Stuart, who is facing the challenges of leadership & management for the first time.

Each day someone is asked to lead for the first time. In most cases they are unprepared and unlikely to receive much support.

Hard Road is an excellent foundation and guide for emerging leaders who want to succeed in their leadership journey.

personally designed programs


A complete Leadership Development Program designed to build strong Leaders and  deliver business outcomes.


Designed to improve Team Performance this program is linked directly to Business Outcomes.


A comprehensive Organisational improvement program focused on people, strategy and execution.

Mark Bragg

Mark Bragg is a Performance and Leadership Coach with over 40 years of experience.


Over the past two decades he has worked as an Executive Coach in multiple business disciplines and industries in 23 countries.  


In recent years, he has been working in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Dublin and Sydney with Emerging Australian entrepreneurs.

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