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Mike Leyden

Sales Director San Francisco

"Mark has been instrumental in helping me shaping my philosophy on leadership, team culture, strategy creation and execution. He has an unusual ability to breakdown complex problems into their individual pieces to create specific and actionable plans for resolution. But what really separates Mark from other executive coaches/consultants is his deep understanding of people, what motivates them and how to get the most out of them. I look forward to working with Mark long into the future".

Roland Tritsch

VP Engineering Nitro Dublin

Braggy is the best coach/mentor I know. I am a better human being because of him and my team is more successful because of him.

Janelle van de Velde

C-level Executive Director | Corporate Services | Global Operations | Change Leader | Company Secretary | GAICD | EMBA

Mark has the ability to produce equally powerful results whether he is working with a team or on an individual basis.   I have witnessed him engage audiences across multiple continents and his innate style and the significant amount of research he does preceding engagements allows him to tailor his approach to achieve optimum connection with all involved.

Greg Silin

Platform Engineering at Tally Inc

"Braggy cares for the people he works with and genuinely wants to see them succeed. 

He won't overwhelm you with pages of reading or with hours of motivational speeches.

Braggy will listen, make sure he really understands your needs and give you just three or

four pieces of advice - but those will hit the nail right on the head."

Tiho Bajic

VP Engineering at LTSE

I've been fortunate to have Braggy as my professional coach over the last 5 years. Braggy was largely influential in helping me rise to challenges I was fortunate to encounter during that time: from hiring the first members for the new product at Nitro to eventually overseeing a team of 50+ people. We worked together on a monthly basis through opportunities begotten through growth: scaling culture to multiple office, consistent performance, leadership learnings. He was also my go to counsel for tough decisions and situations. Some of his lessons like the rule of 3 in goal setting and defining 90-day measures of success have become my essential managerial tools.

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